Volcanoes Park & Recent Lava Eruption Tour

Easy to moderate hike 6hr

Halemaumau Crater
Ohia tree with blooming lehua flower
Steam Vants
Steaming sulfer
Steams at Volcano
Crater Iki
Lava Tube
Steam inside Crater Iki
Old Red Road
Lava arch by Old Red Road
Road to New Lava Flow
Road carved to the devastation zone
New Lava Field
Gigantic new lava field
New lava beach at Pohoiki
Pohoiki New Lava Beach
2018 Lava wall on the distance
New Keiki (baby) beach
Destruction zone
Hope above New Lava Beach
40 foot tall lava wall 2018
Close up of lava wall 2018
Kaumana Caves
Kaumana Caves
Kaumana Caves
Kaumana Caves


                                                                           Tour Itinerary 



*** Our guests are picked up in Hilo, whereupon we include our tour introduction through the charm of the Hilo Bay area.

Your personal Certified guide welcomes you to Hawai’i’s Volcanoes National Park. Most people allow far too little time for their visit to this worthwhile natural attraction: a World Heritage Site. Passing the gates of the National Park we enter a protected native Hawaiian forest at a refreshingly brisk 4000 feet elevation.

The park re-opened September 22nd, having been closed since early May 2018.

Kilauea Volcano is in a pause mode, so the Park Rangers have conceded to a limited journey through the park. Areas with some roads remain unstable and unsafe from thousands of recent earthquakes.

There is still so much to see with many trails within the park itself! The famous road to the Kilauea Crater takes us to the dramatic Steam Vents, followed by the most sought for the encounter of the Volcano’s Goddess herself - Madam Pele: at the Halema’uma’u. Here we see this crater carved to the Gigantic dimension after the latest caldera’s collapses. Now, it's filing with a new lava lake and it glows after dark! 

Next, we continue on to the Kilauea Iki Overlook where its deep crater was once a molten lake of lava with the last eruption in 1959. Nowadays this view is more similar to that of a foreign landscape like the moon - full of mystery and splendor.

Leaving the park we travel to the eastern-most part of the Big Island: where the rising sun first kisses the Hawaiian Islands. We begin this tour driving through the old Paniolo (cowboy) Pahoa town stopping at the historic landscape of the Kaimu beach and seeing the re-creating of the town of Kalapana with no electricity nor water.

This is your chance to meet the creation of life itself on this island. In awe, we view the brave residents who have returned to their former habitat to build new off-the-grid homes on the baked lava landscape. 

The panoramic views of untouched, pure Pacific Blue takes us along the Old Red Road. A journey through the umbrellas of ironwood trees, laced with the ubiquitous noni trees rapidly unveils geology in motion! Coming now into the devastation zone the road points to Madame Pele's recent flow in September 2018 adding hundreds of new acres of land. The final big STOP was created with over 40-foot tall black lava wall at the end of Isaac Hale Beach Park where She also deposited new black sand at Pohoiki.

Together we explore the local ecology of this paradise - a fragile environment of flora & fauna with a vibrant cultural history as Hawaii’s youngest island.

After a long, unforgettable day of adventure, we return to the calm beauty of Hilo. 



Hilo Bay area

Kilauea Caldera hallmark 

Steam Vents

Kilauea Iki Overlook

Lava Tube

Pahoa Town

Leilani Estate's dive by - most recent eruption 

Kalapana village-Uncle Robert’s

Kaimu Black sand beach

The old red dirt road

Devastation Zone 2018

Isaac Hale State Beach Park / Pohoiki boat ramp

-newest black sand beach in the world



100% Private Eco tour in Tesla electric car or 7-passenger SUV. We reserve each for only one party of family or friends.

Door to door transportation from Hilo area, Airport, Harbor or your accommodations within 10 miles of Hilo or from Volcano Village. 

Your personal certificated tour guide, 

Commentary in English or French, 

Admission fees,

Bottled water,

Walking sticks,

Rain ponchos, 


Know Before You Book:


Pickup is flexible since your tour is private, can be between 8 am till 12 noon. (You will receive confirmation of your exact pick-up time once the booking is received.)

Our tours run rain or shine.

Children 1 and younger are complimentary

If you have asthma, or respiratory problems, or you are pregnant you may not take part.


Weather in Rainforest can shift to cool, wet or foggy. 

Please take walking shoes, and light jackets 

We support sustainable tourism and we encourage eating at the local eateries. 

There will be opportunities for snack stops, restroom breaks and gift choices.

We adjust tempo of our excursion to your group

Our itinerary can change due to weather conditions. 



Cancellation Policy:


A credit card is required to reserve all tours. The said credit card will be charged the full amount at the time of booking. Cancellations made 48 hours prior to scheduled activity will be charged a $120 non-refundable booking fee.