What is the tour time schedule?

First of all, remember life here is on Hawaiian time. Our tours are designed for a Half Day - 6hrs or a Full Day - 12hrs. Sit back and relax.  We do all the talking and our island does all the charming! Pick up time can be flexible since guests arriving from neighboring islands at the Hilo Airport can come at different hours. To take advantage of your adventure here on the Big Island you can add to a half a day tour extra hour/s. Please see more under our Prices


Is food included in your tour?

 We do not include food in our tours because we learned over time that many guests value different food choices such as vegetarian, vegan, keto, gluten-free, dairy-free, carb-free, or may have different food allergies. We support sustainable tourism therefore we will suggest multiple local eateries once you will be with your private guide. We recommend taking your favorite snacks. 



I don't want to spend time sitting at a restaurant to eat and lose my tour time.

We agree. Therefore, we are happy to do a quick food pick-up, drive to a scenic location and enjoy a picnic-style meal with nature for example.


Are we going to see red lava?

Yes. Red active flowing lava on the East side of the Big Island stopped flowing to the ocean in September 2018. However, in December 2020 erupted in the main crater Halema'uma'u inside the Park.  You can observe harden black lava from 2018 in the devastation zone. On our part, we offer a ground tour to the Volcanoes National Park & Recent Lava Eruption 


Do you pick me up from the West Side?

Yes. Pick up on the Westside is long-distance travel for our tour guide from Hilo. For guests staying there, we only offer a Full Day 12hr excursion where you can take advantage of exploring the Big Island with us. If you prefer to enjoy a Half Day 6hr tour with us we suggest for you to drive via Saddle Rd to Hilo. We will pick up your party at an agreed location.


Are they going to be different people with us on our tour?

No. We specialize in private tours and therefore we pride ourselves in creating as private and intimate an experience with the party as possible. 


How should we dress?

We suggest dressing in layers. You will be potentially traveling in rain forests, dry deserts, entering different elevations with unique microclimates according to our seasons. Please wear suitable walking shoes.


Is the Volcanoes National Park fee included in this tour?



Are we going to have bathroom breaks?

Yes, there will be multiple opportunities to have bathroom breaks.


Are we going to have a chance to shop for gifts?

Yes, if you wish your private tour guide will assist you in this matter.


Is there going to be a lot of hiking?

We adjust accordingly to the tempo of your group. With seniors and young children, we encourage a very relaxed walk. With other guests, our tours offer easy to moderate hikes. If requested we can include more hikes or a more intermediate trail according to available time. 


Can I create my own itinerary to see what I want?

Yes:  if you wish you can adjust sightseeing that you saw before or that you are perhaps less interested in. However, we designed all tours in mind for your maximum best experience. This includes driving distances between highlighted attractions. We know that you are excited to see everything! The Big Island's 4,028 square miles represents almost 63% of the state's total landmass. So the Big Island is bigger than all the other islands combined. We ask you to trust our expertise. 

If you prefer to create a custom itinerary that fits your lifestyle we can accommodate your request. After your booking deposit, we can co-create your experience. For this service, there will be a 20% fee added to your tour.